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WITT interventions and analyses - A Bibliography -New!

Men & Women and Tools - Bridging the Divide - Watch the video New!

In Trades & Technical Work Book!

Trades jobs are for girls

Women Take on The Trades - Newfoundland - Briarpatch


13th National CCWESTT Conference

Leading the Way: Empowering Women, Building Communities. May 2010

Tradeswomen: A Winning Ticket

2007 - Vancouver/Burnaby

12th National CCWESTT Conference

2008- Guelph

GETT Camps
Girls Exploring Trades and Technology - summer camps
GETT Camp Research - BC 1999

GETT Camp Research - Saskatchewan - 2001
Ft. Nelson GETT Camp


Manitoba GETT camp
Newfoundland GETT Camp
New Brunswick GETT Camp
Techsploration - Nova Scotia -

Techsploraton - WDRC - Newfoundland- New!

PEI - 1 day camp

Kootenay WITT GETT Camp Manual

Gender and Technology in the Schools
        GENDER EQUITY LESSON PLAN AND TEACHER GUIDE, Western Massachusetts Gender Equity Center

                      Exploring Scenarios Of Workplace Gender Conflict And Resolution Through Role-Playing

        Promoting Gender Equity

in Technology Teacher Education Project - UBC
Recruit   Promote 
Get Active:  The project

Gender Equity in The Technology Classroom

       IWITTS - recruiting girls into Technology Education

retaining girls in Technology Education


Revising the term "non-traditional"

Young Women in Science - Forging New Pathways (UNESCO, L'Oreal)

TVET and Education for All (EFA)- UNESCO

Women Greening TVET - UNESCO

Women graduates as electricians in Sudan from an Internally Displaced Persons' camp in Khartoum State to vocationally trained electricians, two women begin their journey to independence with the help of their instructor and their bus driver.

Sask WITT videos: She's Making Choices and She's Got Her Ticket

Training Initiatives

Women in Trades and Technology Exploratory Courses (WITT)

Canada  1 

Ontario  2

British Columbia - Additional programs have been funded in 2009. We would love to hear some feedback. See email below.

1 This program has removed all non-trade specific material that assist women to be successful in the field. They got nervous after a human rights case. 2 3 Aboriginal Women in Trades 4 The stats in this piece seem fabulous, but one must remember that going from 1 woman to two is a 100% increase! The actual numbers would make the issues clearer. 5 A 15 week trades prep program for women 6 . 7 8 Piping Opportunities for Women 9 Tradeworks Women's Workshop - funded support for women's training on the Downtown Easide. 10 UFCW Women in Trades Training - funded support for training and safety equipment

Alberta 1

    The Yukon 1 2 3

Saskatchewan 1 2 3

Newfoundland and Labrador 1 2 3


New York

Orientation to Trades & Technology Curriculum information

National Standards    

WITT National Network Standards for WITT Exploratory and Trade Specfic Course for Women:

Development Guidelines

Standards Chart


Association of Canadian Community Colleges

Promoting Women in Trades and Technology

Nova Scotia 2 3 4


Ontario 2

Newfoundland & Labrador

Education and Advocacy Organizations:

Society of Canadian Women in Science and Technology - SCWIST

Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering, Science, Trades and Technology (CCWESTT)

Women in SETT (Science, Engineering, Trades and Technology)

Yukon WITT

Women in Resource Development Committee (WRDC)

Canadian Construction Women

Women Building Futures

Women Unlimited

Chicago Women in Trades

Alberta 2 3

  National Apprenticeship Statistics

British Columbia stopped collecting secondary school course participation and performance data by sex in 1999.

In 2000, BC added a category, "unknown", to their apprenticship data collection form, rendering the sex category useless.

Breaking down data by male and female (sex-disaggregated data) is essential for research, policy and program development, and evaluation.

Why its not just a question of the work picture getting better... 1 2

Many suggest that the discrepancy in participation is attributable to the employment picture, but the following statistics demonstrate that this is untrue. Remeber, the major recession in the west was from 1981-1986. Its a shame we can no longer access gender disaggregated statistics in BC.

       British Columbia historical apprenticeship data
       Alberta (coming)

    Equity in Apprenticeship?

Employment Equity
    Columbia Basin Trust EE Discussion Paper

    Women in Technical Work in Atlantic Canada

    The Island Highway -An Employment Equity Success Story

Submission to Public Hearings for the White Rose Project - Gender Equity Plan by WDRC Newfoundland

Walking the Talk...Women in Trades, Science and Technology - Hypatia - Nova Scotia


Outreach & Hiring

Policy - Recommendation or Intervention?
WITT National Network's last report

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