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Remarks For The Canadian Construction Association Employment Equity Committee

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Women in Trades and Technology & the Skills Shortage Conundrum:
An Historical Analysis of Institutional and Governmental Resistance

A Paper for CASWE – May 2009
by Dr. Marcia Braundy


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ITAC's Equity in Apprenticeship Overview paper

Watt-Malcolm & Young's Canadian Women in the Industrial Trades: A Historical Perspective


What really happened at the 1999 BCTEA conference?

There was a great deal of talk during and after the 1999 BCTechnology Educators Association conference relating to the remarks made by Marcia Braundy to the Panel at the end of the opening session. Luckily, someone videotaped the event, and we have here for you the remarks in their entirety.

  Updated 4 September 2009

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